1. Trucking Hauling Delivery

    Bedrock has added trucking and hauling for nearly all products.  Landscape material like aggregates, stone, cobble, landscape rock, compost, topsoil, concrete sand, mulch, cedar. We also deliver for all kinds of construction needs like road base, structural fill, tracking pad rock, dirt and pit run. Please call us for your trucking needs!…Read More

  2. Conveyored Aggregate Delivery

    Bedrock LLC handles stone slinging of all kinds.  landscape rock, soil, compost, topsoil.  We work with residential builders to install drainage systems, sump pits, rock and damproofing.  Our unique conveyor trucks place rock for backfill of houses, utitilites, pipe bedding, prep for concrete, underslab gravel. We work consistently in Wyoming, Colorado, Colorado Springs, Denver.…Read More

  3. Landscaping

    New Year has you thinking about your landscaping?  We can place aggregate, mulch, rock, gravel.  Give us a call.…Read More

  4. Drain Systems, Damproofing, Waterproofing, Rock Placement

    Colorado's largest stone slinger fleet.  We offer conveyored aggregate delivery (CAD) for basements and concrete slab prep.  We work in commercial and residential projects.  We also help bed utilites, electrical conduit, plumbing pipe, sewer lines, leach fields with stone or sand. We also can place soil, compost and topsoil with our conveyor spreading trucks.  Landscape rock. We are based in C…Read More

  5. Rock Placement

    Need some rock, aggregate, mulch, pea gravel, stone placed?  We can do it for you with ease.  Give us a call we can take care of most of your needs…Read More

  6. drainage system

    Bedrock has a great drain team that works efficiently to get your drain in.  We do french drains, perimeter drains, interior drains.  Our slinger trucks can place the rock over your drain with ease. Check us out.…Read More

  7. Landscape

    At Bedrock we can place most any type of material.  From pea gravel up to 1 1/2" rock.  Aggregate, mulch, stone, gravel, top soil, compost, cobble. Check us out.…Read More

  8. Drain placement

    At Bedrock we offer French drains, Perimeter and Exterior drains.  We offer waterproofing and damp-proofing.  Our slinger trucks can place gravel right on the pipe fast and efficiently.   Call us for any drain needs.  …Read More

  9. Landscape

    We can handle most any kind of material.  Mulch, aggregate, top soil, compost, rock, cobble, gravel, stone.  We can either shoot with our slinger trucks or dump for you to put where you want it.  Check us out for all of your landscaping needs!! Thanks for your time.…Read More

  10. Drainage system

    Bedrock LLC is the top contractor in Colorado for installation of your drainage system.  We also offer damproofing, waterproofing and crack injection for all your foundation needs.  We offer residential and commercial service.  What sets us apart?  Our prompt and efficient service, our stone slinger trucks that allow us to convey rock on your drain, in your basement or for any difficult to rea…Read More